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What we’re reading today:


1. Those pesky competitive moms! What’s one mom to do when her friend yells at her kid’s coach and other parents? Sister needs to take a time out!

2. The Onion published an article telling you you’re a bad parent and whatever you’re doing, you’re definitely screwing up your kids. It’s the Onion, but man did this story catch on.

3. Grownups get more exercise when they live in urban areas, walking to work and the grocery store and such, but it’s the opposite for kids. Do your kids have easy access to running around areas? We can think of at least a few downtown kids who manage to find a suitable road hockey zone on weeknights.

4. Is the work-life balance thing a myth?

5. Yeah, we’re loving basically any Jason Segel interview these days. If only Phineas and Ferb had let him talk about his Muppet purism.

Photo by caribb via Flickr

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