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What we’re reading today:

1. Tiny queer parent rights victory! An Israeli court has recognized a lesbian couple as their son’s natural, biological moms. One donated eggs while the other carried the pregnancy.  The mom who gave birth to the boy, now 5, was immediately recognized as the birth mother, but the other had to argue that if she were a man, of course genetic material would make her a legal parent.

2. Does your potty-trained child wet the bed? The problem might not be with their bladder, but rather their colon. (Warning: this is an article all about poop)

3. Baby-swinging yogi Lena Fokina says she does what she does to build the babies muscle development. Um, not convinced.

4. Blossom wrote a book! And no, it’s not about how to wear create a personal style via hats, it’s about attachment parenting. You  may have heard that Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience, and in her studies found much support for attachment parenting practices like co-sleeping and babywearing.

5. Like the Simpsons? Like Game of Thrones? Apparently Simpsons animators like Game of Thrones too.

Photo by Mingle Media TV Network via Flickr

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