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What we’re reading today:

1. At 1 p.m. EST, Apple will make some sort of iPad annoucement. Here’s the Washington Post‘s most recent speculations on what we can expect from this second generation iPad.

2. Tiger moms have nothing on tiger blood. Anyone catch Charlie Sheen on 20/20 last night? For those of you who want to hang on to custody of your kids, don’t do what Charlie Sheen does. As Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams points out, he’s a “lunatic who can dispense sound bites that make Kanye West’s Twitter stream look reasonable,” which in and of itself is amazing.

3. We kinda love AT-ATs. Check out these other classic pop culture vehicles restyled as AT-ATs. Via Buzzfeed.

4. Red Neck Mommy is on the attack. And she’s after people who say things like, “That’s so retarded.” Read her essay about trying to educate her extended family on not using the R-word and why it’s so hurtful to the mother of a kid with extreme disabilities.

5. Is your room less than immaculate? No judging. We’re really going to try and test out apartment therapy’s 5 steps to a perma-clean bedroom.

Photo by FHKE via Flickr

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