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What we’re reading today:

1. Any parents/step-parents navigating the whole blended family thing? Rebecca Eckler talks about raising her daughter with her fiance, his two daughters, while expecting a new half-sibling for these three girls.

2. For all those following the gong show that is the GOP primaries, do you miss Bachmann a little? Apparently Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand how birth control works, because Michele Bachmann was talking about birth control and how once the state gets involved, it won’t take much before America has a one-child policy.

3. Older parents think that childless 30-somethings should get a move on it.

4. Do you think that the public school system needs some work? Here’s why being a part of it can help make it better.

5. Pretty fantastic: One young Canucks fan’s dancing was caught on camera at a game and he doesn’t disappoint. We like how his enthusiasm doesn’t let up for the whole song.

Photo by Antony Adolf via Flickr

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