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What we’re reading today:

1. Wooo summer! Are your kids climbing the walls waiting to be released in some park or  sport field? Make sure they’re getting their one hour of vigorous exercise each day. We recommend a biking towards a place that sells frozen treats.

2. One woman reflects back on her 4th grade bully and what she learned from her. Do you suppose there’s stuff to be learned from being bullied? Surely there are less hurtful ways to learn such things?

3. A warning to our American friends: How you and your kids celebrate the 4th of July can seriously affect them later in life. Be patriotic and have fireworks and all that, but not so much that you’re raising tiny Republicans. (Kidding, we still let Republicans read Bunchland… just not the really intolerant ones)

4. But here’s one dad’s argument in favour of seeing fireworks and celebrating the holiday.

5.  Mombrain via the Hairpin:


Photo by inparistexas via Flickr

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