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What we’re reading today:

1. We thought Norway was supposed to be cool and progressive? So why did child welfare authorities take a healthy, happy 3-year-old from his parents and send him to live with his uncle in India?

2. “Unless it’s a kid saying it, ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ denies women’s adulthood or agency,” says a York University prof. Should we stop slapping “mommy” on everything?

3. Just in case you wanted more proof that you’re not the worst parent in the world, Lifetime has given Ice Moms the green light. Now you can compare your parenting skills to pageant moms of the figure skating world.

4. Would you let your daughter have a sleepover where the only adult around was a dad? Apparently some groups think dads aren’t to be trusted. (We agree with the commenter who said it should be about whether you know the supervising parent(s) or not.)

5. Because all the news so far has been a bit of a bummer, here’s a dad and two kids covering Depeche Mode:

Photo by mhaithaca via Flickr

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