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What we’re reading today:

1. Gay-straight alliances were seen as too political for Catholic schools, but they’ve given the OK to “Respecting Differences” clubs. If it gets the job done, we’re on board.  That said, we can’t even imagine how tough it must be for a teenager to come out, so to not even acknowledge their gay identity when they’ve have the guts to do so seems pretty crummy. Make it better, Catholic board!

2. Colder temps and scary weather sometimes force kids to stay inside for recess; how can we make indoor recess more active?

3. Shame as punishment: does it work? Does it cross the line?

4. Hipster Disney Princesses. What do you think? Accurate? Ariel looks like the kind of hipster we avoid at all costs, but Belle looks like she’d work in our building. Actually, we think Hipster Mulan does work in our building.

5. And for all your Ferris Bueller fans, it appears that the Righteous Dude is going to make an appearance during the Superbowl, or could it possibly even be a whole sequel?

Image via Buzzfeed

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