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What we’re reading today:

“Gretchen gets frantic when she’s really hungry, so she can’t wait too long for dinner.” Do you think this way when you’re traveling with a toddler? You really need to plan ahead to prevent meltdowns. The Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin says you should do this for yourself as well. Agreed! Meghan turns into a monster if she doesn’t get enough sleep. Via Huffington Post.

Every read your kid’s diary? Candy Schulman did. Via Babble.

Have you finished all the levels in Angry Birds? Ready for a new challenge? How about creating a live-action version:

Parentcentral.ca looks at a make-up line from Walmart marketed at tweens. Eight-year-olds. And it contains anti-aging ingredients. It’s one thing to play dress-up, but creating an entire line aimed at creating super-young consumer? Is that what leads to this?

Know what little girls (and boys) should be doing instead of buying tween-geared makeup? Learning the periodic table! *pushes up nerd glasses* How great is this kid:

The future looks bright, guys. Via BoingBoing

Photo by Suviko via Flickr

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