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What we’re reading today:

1. Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter’s kid stuck a Lego up his nose. Twice. And so they made a trip to the hospital while Porter asks the experts about all the other things that kids put up their noses and in their ears.

2. Kids of queer parents in Washington State and finally start bugging their moms or dads to get married. Well, almost. The state Senate passed a Bill that has to be approved by the House. Good work, Washington!

3. When siblings attack! No, really, when should you intervene when two of your kids just can’t seem to get along?

4. Earlier this week we heard that engaged kindergartners made for more successful kids/adults, so how to you increase that engagement?

5. And speaking of identifying early success, may we present to you the future table tennis gold medalist of the 2028 Olympics:

Photo by B.K. Dewey via Flickr

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