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What we’re reading today:

1. What happens when your 4-year-old celebrate are only celebrating their first real birthday? What are their other birthdays like?

2. It’s Pink Shirt Day! Appropriately, NYT’s Motherlode has a post on loving when your boys defy stereotypes and wear pink, but cringing when your daughter embraces the whole pink and princesses thing.

3. More Pink Shirts: A student-made video, with 1,500 kids sporting pink shirts and singing Lady Gaga, all in the name of anti-bullying, have some parents up in arms. The parents are offended. By the anti-bullying video. Facepalm.

4. Wow, helicopter parents be trippin’. A college professor gives advice on how to raise independent kids, but the real gem of the article is the college prof revealing all the crazy things parents do to their 18-22 year old kids. Calling to ask about a debit charge made at a pizza place at 3am?

5. Merry Leap Day everyone! Is it just another day to do business, like Jack Donaghy said, or an occasion to hand out candy and celebrate Leap Day William?

Photo by Looking&Learning via Flickr

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