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What we’re reading today:

1. Teaching kids to live frugally has many benefits, like learning to be more creative with their play and the value of delayed gratification.

2. In what comes as no surprise whatsoever, kids who aren’t super-keen on reading are more likely to be interested in banned books than non-controversial ones.

3. After a recent measles outbreak, the pro-vaccine activists remind the anti-vaccine parents that it’s about keeping all the kids safe, not just their own.

4. Moms don’t really talk to their daughters about math. Let’s change this! Addition at the grocery store, fractions while cooking/baking, geometry everywhere, etc.

5. The hidden power of siblings! TED presenter Jeffrey Kluger talks birth order and life-long bonds. Is there anything better for parents than seeing their kids work together and help each other out?

Photo by Scot Rumery via Flickr

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