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What we’re reading today:

1. We’re glad that there are some awesome dad bloggers out there now, but 20 years ago, not too many dads were writing about their fatherhood experience.

2. Moms multi-task more than dads.

3. Asthmatic kids have it rough; even low levels of pollen trigger their wheezing and coughing and shortness of breath. Poor little lambs.

4. TV show Parenthood does a decent job showing what it’s like in a family with special needs.

5. The video of Zach Wahls speaking about his two moms and marriage equality rights went viral in February, and seemed to have a second go-around this past Wednesday and Thursday. Turns out, his resurgence in popularity was due to a Q-and-A session on Reddit. It’s definitely worth watching again. Also, we love that his forthcoming book is tentatively titled My Two Moms: Everything I Needed to Know About Gay Marriage I learned in Boy Scouts.


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