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What we’re reading today:

1. September will be here in just a few weeks, and children across the country will be back in the classroom. With the return to school comes a whole slew of worries for parents – are the kids getting enough sleep? Enough exercise? Too much homework? Healthy lunches? Here’s how you can deal with some back-to-school anxieties.

2. Yesterday, we were reading about what to call stepmoms. Blended family dynamics are popping up on our radar again with the question of distinguishing “full siblings” from “half siblings.”

3. Let’s head to science class with a look at the blurry boundary between fantasy and reality for young children.

4. On an end-of-summer road trip? Don’t let each family member slip away into their iEverythings, but pop in an audiobook. The kilometres will fly by as you explore new worlds all together.

5. Need a little alone time? From a five minute break to a five hour evening out, check out these ideas.

Image by qwrrty via Flickr.

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