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What we’re reading today:

1. A petition from Change.org just wants Bert and Ernie to get married already. But a Sesame Street spokesman says the muppets are just good friends! Baby steps? First we need out muppets, then they can get married. (But if Veronica from the Archie comics can be into a gay dude, muppets can’t be too far behind?)

2. Is your family comfortable using traditional and/or proper words for anything related to bathroom functions? Too many euphemisms could make things difficult in the future…

3. Have a baby and want to make friends with people who are not in the baby-having world? Check out this advice.

4. A new test can tell the sex of your unborn baby at seven weeks.

5. In a new Tide spot, a prim and proper pink cardigan-wearing mother laments the fact that Tide was in fact able to get rid of the stains on her tomboy daughter’s daughter clothes. Le sigh.

Image by starfire via Flickr

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