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What we’re reading today:

1. An anti-vaccine group has taken out a huge video ad in Times Square, claiming they have “the facts,” but pro-vaccine groups say that a giant ad like this could cost thousands of kids their lives. Salon’s Rahul Parikh says, “high-profile defenses of vaccines are still few and far between.” Do we need to hear what the anti-vaccinationists have to say, or are they causing, as one medical ethicist says, “nothing less than a scandal”?

2. One 10-year-old girl is sick of the boys who stereotype all girls as pink-loving, doll-toting, nail polish-wearing girlie girls. Here’s what she has to say to them.

3. Tennessee has passed a “Don’t Say Gay” bill that prohibits the discussion of anything non-hetero before grade nine. This sounds very healthy and accepting. We’re quite sure this won’t have any negative consequences for young teenagers either having to deal with their own non-hetero sexuality or being tolerant of others. It’s not like there’ve been any crises involving gay teens recently.

4. Ever wonder what kids around the world are eating for lunch? We would like to attend the school in France that serves steamed mussels and an artichoke.

5. How was Easter Morning at your house? Lots of lovely treats from the Easter Bunny? Some kids aren’t thrilled about the idea of a giant bunny who breaks into their homes. Check out these videos of kids who are scared of the Easter Bunny. And with good reason! All these bunnies are terrifying! Via BoingBoing

Photo via Buzzfeed

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