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What we’re reading today:

1. San Francisco has banned any McDonald’s happy meals that come with toys, as city officials see enticing kids to ask for meals with x amount of sodium, fat and calories is wrong. One mom in California says that McDonald’s happy meals violate the state’s consumer protection laws, and she’s filed a lawsuit against the fast food chain.

2. And while McDonald’s and others market to kids with toys, some wineries market to their moms with cutesy pandering. Ever referred to wine as “Mommy’s juice”? A New Jersey wine distributor claims that a California wine called “Mommy’s Time Out” is stepping on their “Mommyjuice” toes. The California winery says no one owns “Mommy.” Do you select wines based on funny names? We’re a little more discerning, choosing wines based on growing regions and the animal on the label. Via Jezebel

3. A new study found that women whose first baby is a girl works more than those moms whose firstborn is male. Via Globe and Mail

4. Are you the quiet, introverted type raising the class clown? GeekMom has assembled some tips for raising your extrovert kid.

5. Weird Al’s written a new song inspired by La Gaga. He sent her the lyrics for approval, she asked him to record the song, he was told she didn’t approve. So he gave it away to the internet and the internet loves it. Gaga herself didn’t know it wasn’t approved (her manager acted on his own) and has now given her consent. Enjoy!

Photo by dhammza / off via Flickr

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