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Ready for the next level of nerding out?

What could make a kid gamer happier than playing a sweet game? Making one.

A new project announced at this years’ Maker Faire hopes to channel kids’ passion for playing video games into creating them. “Code Hero: A Game That Teaches You To Make Games” is the brainchild of independent video game designer Alex Peake, who believes that the sneaky math and code lesson that comes along with making a video game will equip kids with the power to be super creative forces in the world.

“We want to prepare kids to be the innovators of the future,” said the 30-year-old CEO of Primer Labs. He’s been programming since he was 8. “We don’t want to just prepare them to get a job. You need to give them a grounding in literacy, mathematics and code. Those are the components the world is made of. It used to be two. Now, it’s three.”

The game’s demo shows a character walking through a virtual world using a code ray to shoot Javascript at stuff to make it behave differently. The ultimate goal, of course, is to save the world.

We’re game!

Photo by Jim sneddon via Flickr. 

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