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They’re the stories of how lesbian moms and straight single women got pregnant in days of old: before they were allowed access to sperm banks – and prior to the onset of HIV/AIDS.

Women who wanted to have children but were otherwise without a man had sex with a willing stranger, often after meeting at a bar, and usually with the stranger completely unaware of his role. Lots of people got here because their determined mother went sperm hunting. Leave it to the internet to make something old new again.

As reported in the Daily Mail, a new flock of websites matching up people who want to conceive or donate sperm have appeared, some dominated by folks who wish to do so by “natural insemination” only (ie: sex).

It’s not an outrageous idea: sexual intercourse is 3x more effective than artificial insemination. The DIY approach is also, of course, far cheaper. One site claims to have a diversity of donors, which anyone who has sought a non-white donor at a sperm bank knows, are extremely difficult to find.

As the article points out however, these websites are not regulated. And unlike sperm banks, donors aren’t tested for sexually transmitted infections — or even their own fertility. Which leaves one to wonder if perhaps these sites are mostly a resource for men looking for casual sex with women. Which isn’t all that different from the unknowing sperm donors of the past. At least this time they’re aware of their purpose.

 source: Daily Mail



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