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Because the vaccination debate needed more stirring.













Photo:  naturematters.info

New children’s book Melanie’s Marvellous Measles, self-published by Australian mom and anti-vacination activist Stephanie Messenger, is getting attention for spreading a strong anti-vacination message to a young audience. (And, apparently, the joys of having measles.)

In response, online reviewers from Amazon to the blogosphere  to mainstream media are speaking out about the dangers of not vaccinating children (and that the book isn’t that great to begin with) while, on the other hand, the book has sold out on Messenger’s website.

For her part, Messenger, who believes her first son died because of his vaccination, writes:

I have 3 healthy, totally unvaccinated children, who have never had a childhood disease. Unlike their vaccinated friends who have often succumb to the diseases they have been vaccinated against. 

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