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Meet me outside, meet me outside

The wisdom of the day states that kids need at least an hour of physical activity every day. When the weather’s cold, or worse, when the weather keeps shifting from warm and melty to freezing and slippery, it can be hard to find great outdoor activities.

So what do you do when your bouncing-off-the-wall kid has a winter birthday? If you’d like an alternative to renting out an indoor play gym and you’re all skated out, why not stage a Nerf battle?

That’s exactly what our pal Melissa in Ohio did for her son’s birthday.

Using Melissa’s party for inspiration, here’s how to have a great Nerf Battle birthday:

  • When you send the invitations, make sure you inform the parents that the kids will be running around outside and therefore need to be dressed appropriately. (Something they can run around in, waterproof boots, nothing too fancy, hats and mitts)
  • Round up various Nerf blasters and some extra darts (Ask the kids to bring their own, or buy a bunch of the $10 blasters in lieu of loot bags)
  • Find a park with various play structures to climb/run around on
  • When the kids arrive, assign some adults to supervise the battle (and maybe carry around extra darts)
  • Is there a set objective like capture the flag? Are the kids on teams and trying to eliminate each other like in laser tag? Or just an every kid for themselves all-out battle royale? Your call. (“Supervisor” adults may want in on the action)

  • If you are dividing the kids/adults into teams, maybe get two colours of fabric strips to tie around everyone’s arms
  • Send them out and let the battle begin!
  • Non-supervisor parents can hang out at home and order pizza for the combatants’ return
  • Enjoy cake and ice cream and all that birthday stuff

If you’re really dedicated to the Nerf theme and you fancy yourself something of a cake artist, turn the cake into a bulls-eye target and garnish with some edible darts. If you can find some orange tootsie rolls and affix jujubes with toothpicks, we think these would make excellent darts.

All photos by Be Nice to Mommy via Flickr

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