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What the cool parents are reading today: dad and kids

1. Last week we were talking Mom Wars, and now, naturally, come the Dad Wars. With flexible work schedules and partners who make more than they do, more dads are opting to stay at home and watch the kids and they’re getting flack for it.

2. Pixar’s working on a new movie about Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Between the subject matter and the fact that it’s the same team that did Toy Story 3, we have some seriously high hopes for this.

3. Disney, Target and Julie Andrews are all part of National Princess Week. Andrews says being a princess is not all about being beautiful and elegant and stuff, but still, they kind of want you to buy a whole bunch of princess merch. Actually, we prefer our hand-sewn playclews made from the drapes in our governess’ room.

4. Elisabeth Badinter’s book The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women, has been stirring up some serious controversy. The Washington Post spoke to Badinter about the book. “The new imperative [for modern women]? To be a perfect mother who knows how to help her child reach his full potential, to raise a gifted, extraordinary radiant adult. Motherhood first, the rest second.” Will you read Badinter’s book?

5. Has your baby tried lemons or limes? Here are some videos of kids trying some seriously sour citrus for the first time and some of them seem to really like it:

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Photo by tienvijtien via Flickr

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