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The name Nancy Frost might be unfamiliar to you but she is a legend in the plush toy community. Ms. Frost has the unenviable task of chatting up carnies and then cutting into the cuddly creatures they surround themselves with. Is she a sociopath? A woman of ill repute? No. Nancy Frost does this dirty work for the greater good. She is the reason that you can sleep at night, even after spending $50 to win a miniature stuffed baby unicorn.

Nancy Frost dismantles a suspicious looking stuffed animal

Nancy Frost in action, disemboweling a duckie. PHOTO: ERIC ANDREW-GEE/TORONTO STAR

Every year, the city of Toronto sends good men and women to the CNE grounds to protect us from whatever dangers might be lurking there – it doesn’t always work out- but Nancy Frost does her best. After familiarizing herself with the nomadic peoples of the fair, Nancy chooses one of their wares at random, and then, if the toy seems suspicious, she dons a pair of blue latex gloves and cuts into the tiny beast to check for poorly recycled padding, choking-hazardy plastic beads and other undesirable stuffings.

Lucky for us, the stuffed toy industry has really cleaned up their act lately and Nancy doesn’t have to execute nearly as many tiny, plush troublemakers as she used to.

Nancy Frost inspects places like this.

Potential cons on the seedy strip. PHOTO: JULIE FALK

Have fun at the Ex folks, and stay safe!

source: Toronto Star

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