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You have got to get over to the Motherlode right now!

Have you ever wondered where the mother was when the Cat in the Hat came to play that day? The New York Times is holding her to account.

Let’s just start with the obvious question: Where were you?

I know what you’re getting at, and let me just say for the record that my kids were not that little. They were 10 and 12. That’s the No. 1 thing I’m always criticized about, leaving young kids unattended.

What else do you get flak for?

Are you kidding? That I didn’t teach my kids how to entertain themselves properly. That I have terrible fashion sense, thanks to my polka-dot dress/kite. That I leave dangerous yard tools and birthday cakes with burning candles strewn around my house. That my son, you know, doesn’t have a name. 

So all that pressure to be the perfect parent, it’s not new.

You think just because now you have mommy wars, and have to decide if you want to lean in or out or diagonally or whatever, and you feel obligated to tweet a photo of your kid who just dumped organic artisanal mashed potatoes on his head, you somehow have it tougher than parents — than moms, really — have always had it?

Do you think you’d get less flak about the cat “event” if you were the dad?

I’ve got five words for you: Man With the Yellow Hat. “Hey George, you sit here on the chain-saw assembly line, I have to go run some errands.” 

source: Sarah Schmelling/Motherlode

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