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Got Spiderman super-fans at home?

Anyone looking to be recognized for massive Parental Overachievement need look no further than this Spiderman costume for their little ones. We have included a step-by-step guide to assist you: just follow the instructions and the honour is all yours.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • $600
  • The help of three artisan professionals
  • The services of a dye sublimation printing company
  • A lot of time of spare time

All this has come together thanks to an ambitious cosplayer who goes by the name Moonspider — and the experts he found on the Replica Prop Forum.

The eyes were made by a Canadian artist who goes by the name TJack, as Moonspider describes:

TJack made the frames first by designing a flat template and shaping the masters out of wood. He then cast the frames in black onyx and shipped them to me, along with the plastic “one-way mirror” lenses that have similar visibility to mirrored sunglasses. The pieces were not assembled together yet, so that I could adjust the shapes of the frame with heat without damaging the lenses. (Moonspider goes on to list about ten additional steps required to finish the eyes.)

Here are a few highlights of the rest:

  • It took a skilled seamstress about 30 hours to sew the costume
  • Moonspider spent approximately 10 hours going over the weblines on his costume with black marker to make them more dramatic, a task he described as, “tedious, yet worth it.”
  • A pair of Steve Madden slippers were destroyed to make the feet

Why are we telling you all this?

Because if you want to put this together for your kids in time for Halloween: Seriously, get started. (Also — we have to admit — this costume kicks some serious ass.)

 source: DesignTAXI + imgur

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