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1. The Girl Scouts have taken over. Want proof that scouting is good for girls?

Girl Scouts photo by the Grace Family

According to  Mother Jones, 60 per cent of  women in the newly elected U.S. congress and  70 per cent of women senators were once Girl Scouts. Meanwhile, Slate reminds us that the Girl Scouts organization has been essentially scandal-free.

2. Supreme court justice Justice Sonia Sotomayor gives anti-princess schooling on Sesame Street. Appearing with Abby Cadabby, Justice Sotomayor talks about having a career, and tells her: “Abby, pretending to be a princess is fun but it is definitely not a career. Remember, a career is a job you prepare and train for and plan on doing for a really long time.”

She tells Abby she could be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a engineer or a scientist. Anyone else feeling that breath of fresh air that just blew in?

3. More than a hundred years after it was originally published, Salvador Dali illustrated Alice in Wonderland. Talk about an obvious match: bizarre meet weird, weird meet bizarre.
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