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Bunchland is kicking down your front door and invading your home sweet home. Well, after you’ve politely invited us in, served us tea and offered to show us your family’s treasures.

  • CITY: Toronto, Ontario
  • OUR BUNCH: Laura, founder of My Smart Hands. Moe, leader singer of The Pursuit of Happiness, music producer. Fireese, 4, imaginative reader. Hartford, 6 months, mama’s boy. Bailey, cat.


Laura and Moe Berg are both rock stars in their own right. Moe is the lead singer of the iconic Canadian band The Pursuit of Happiness, not to mention a music producer and co-host of Master Tracks on AUX TV. Laura founded her own company, My Smart Hands, teaching parents how to do sign language with their babies. A Youtube video of Laura signing with their daughter Fireese received over 2 million views, and her business exploded. Their downtown Toronto home is a bustling hub of activity, filled with music and singing.

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