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Make a portrait within a portrait (within a portrait?)


Who doesn’t love the show Modern Family? The ladies at Rookiemom.com had this amazing idea for making your own family “picture within a picture”, like the ones featured in the credits for Modern Family. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Go somewhere that sells picture frames (Perhaps Blacks, Ikea or any store, really.)

Step 2. Choose a picture frame. Stroll around the store with your frame to find optimal lighting conditions. Try not to look suspicious while doing so.

Step 3. Have a photo taken of yourself holding aforementioned picture frame (You may need a friend for this- unless you like to wield unwieldy tripods and timers on transit)

Step 4. Return home. Use Photoshop or similar editing device to insert family photo into your frame photo. If you don’t have Photoshop, there are a number of good web-based photo editing programs. We used Pixlr for the photo below. Open up both images in the program, shrink the one down to the size of the picture frame in the other, copy it and paste it into the large photo and then use the free transform option under the edit menu to get it just so.

Alternatively, you can print your picture out, and using some scissors and glue, you can cut and paste a family member photo over top of your photo. (If you’re going to do that, you should scan or photocopy the end result – it’ll just look better!)

If you’re feeling very low tech, you can also bring a standard sized photo of your loved one from home, temporarily place it in the frame, and get your snapshot on!

Imagine putting together a bunch of these great photos as a gift for family or friends! Once you master the Photoshop tricks, just how many pictures-within-a-pictures can you go?

Main photo by brentdanley, family portrait by M. Ignacio Monge, via Flickr

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