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Like Science? It’s fair to say 11-year old Jordan Hilkowitz loves it.

His babysitter Tracy Leparulo remembers the pulley systems he made — as a four-year-old — using string, a basket and clips which ran in his house from the upstairs to the downstairs. A year later Jordan, who has autism, started to speak.

Jordan Hilkowitz


After spending years exploring the Internet for images of rock crystals and DIY science experiments, Jordan and Leparulo decided to start their own YouTube channel. On Doctor Mad Science, Jordan performs homemade science experiments, such as Make your own Lava Lamp or for Valentine’s Day, How to Make to Multi-Coloured Flower. Leparulo helps with shooting video and editing.

So far, the Doctor Mad Science duo have tapped 21 experiments, earned $5000 from advertising revenue and garnered more than 4 million views. He’s communicating on Twitter, Facebook and has his own “Doctor Mad Science” website.

Jordan’s mother Stacey Hilkowitz tells the Toronto Star: “The transformation has been amazing. (Having) this channel has created better speech because he rethinks how he says the words now in his head.”

source: Toronto Star

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