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Halina, Fil, Melody and Bianca are planning a family scavenger hunt to keep the good times rolling over MB. A good scavenger hunt can be insanely fun. You can play against other families or each other.  Ridiculously large-scale scavenger hunts go on all around the world, including one that last four days at the University of Chicago. Yikes. For tips, we consulted scavenger hunt afficionado Cole Banning from Improv in Toronto.

  • CITY: Riverdale, Toronto, Ontario
  • OUR BUNCH: Halina, overtime employee of M.O.M. Fil, business owner. Melody, 8, witty artist. Bianca, 8, curious potion maker. Giglio, cat.


This is a game that you can reinvent every time. We have played on our own and with other families. You can create your own scavenger hunt and make it suitable to where you are and what you have access to.

Divide your family into equal groups, or play with or against other families.

Supplies needed: paper, pencils, tape and whatever else you have kicking around.

Time to complete: 10 minutes – 1 hour. You decide. Choose as many or as few items to complete from the list or your own list.

1. Write a poem about your family.
2. Draw a portrait of your family.
3. Make up a simple game that you can play anywhere and include anyone. Play the game.
4. Find 10 things that start with B (write them down).
5. Make a list of 10 things you can do with your family over March Break.
6. Make a sculpture using five found objects.
7. Write an activity for your opponents to complete and give it to them. They must complete it).
8. Write a song about your opponents. Sing it at the end as a group.
9. Write something nice about everyone in your group.
10. Write a funny joke (tell it at the end).
11. Make a snack for your opponents (give it to them at the end of the game).
12. List your favourite animal (one per person). Act like that animal.
13. Make up a short dance routine. Teach your opponents your dance at the end.
14. Two people in the group must exchange two clothing items.
15. List 10 blue things. Write them down.
16. Find a takeout menu.
17. List six words that rhyme with “bunch” (“hunch,” “munch,” “lunch,” “crunch,” et cetera).
18. Take turns scratching each other’s backs (30 seconds each).
19. Pick one of your opponents and make a list of 10 things you know about them. Be nice.
20. Plan a menu for tonight’s dinner.
21. Make a piece of jewelry using things from the recycling bin.
22. Draw a monster (hoping that you will win the prize and make it at the Monster Factoy).

Guest Expert: Cole Banning is the president of Improv in Toronto, a Toronto group responsible for such goings-on as the No Pants Subway Ride and Free Hugs Day. They’ve also organized their fair share of scavenger hunts. As a Certified Fun Expert (this is an actual job), we asked Cole to give us pointers on scavenging. And hunting.

rsz_colebanning1. Prepare a good list. A wacky, fun scavenger list is what will make or break a hunt. Try to have lots of variety, as well as a great range in the difficulty. That way everyone can find items, and at the same time the competitive ones will still have a challenge.

2. Create teams. The key to an enjoyable hunt is the human interaction. Having everyone working in teams adds a whole new dimension of teamwork and strategy. For added fun, have each team create funny team names and cheers!

3. Roll with it. Every scavenger hunt is going to turn out differently, so don’t go into it expecting perfection. Once in action, try to enjoy yourself, get fully involved, and experience the crazy wild fun of scavenger hunts.

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