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Treat your kids to a vinyl lounge sesh complete with malted milkshakes

Just because we’re living in the age of iTunes doesn’t mean your kids have to be deprived of the pleasures of vinyl! Shopping for records offers an unparalleled experience: wandering the aisles pensively, rummaging through crates, and the thrill of finding a rare one. Top it all off with the satisfying crackle when you throw that bad boy on the turntable and there’s no better feeling.

If you want your kid to grow up with an appreciation for vinyl but don’t know where to start, draw some inspiration from Cynthia Kinnunen, our Old School Still Cool blogger, who took her kids to the record store to give them a first hand introduction. Viva la vinyl, indeed.

We also encourage you to unearth your box o’ records from the basement and round up the kids for a listen. You may not have a shag carpet to lounge on, but listening to your favourite crackly classics and sipping on soda fountain style shakes will take you and your kids back to a swell time.


Blending berries and ice cream gives this sweet thang a softserve effect. It can be made thick enough to be eaten as a sundae, or think enough to sip.

Makes 2 big shakes:

2 cups vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

1 ½ cups halved strawberries

¼ cup milk (less or more, depending on how thick you want the shake to be)

3 Tbsp Malted milk powder

Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth.  Serve in a tall parfait style glass and top with whip cream. Dance some mini marshmallows on top if you want to emphasize the bubbly effect and make it look cartoonish ala 50’s Archie comics.

Photo by oldschoolgoodtimesmackenziedreadful via Flickr. 

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