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What we’re reading on the blogs today:

RACIST CUPCAKES?! Yeah, we never thought we’d see those words together either until we saw it on The Stir. Duncan Hines has gone and made this “Hip Hop Cupcakes” ad to promote its new Amazing Glazes line. By adding a little flava to vanilla cupcakes, the cupcakes really seem to find their groove.. in blackface. We’re more uncomfortable with the cupcakes than when Roger Stirling dons similar makeup to serenade his stupid wife Jane.

Oh man do we need to see something positive now. Like art teacher Rama Hughes‘ collection of his students’ works on Flickr. Pretty awesome to think the California Landmarks series was all done by 9-year-olds. (Via Tiny Iron Fists)

On the Huffington Post, Dr. Jim Taylor is concerned about the lack of free playtime for children. Perhaps we need to introduce Taylor to Bunchland, ’cause we’re all about the play. He says unstructured outdoor activities has declined by 50 percent. Yikes. Interesting read… and maybe it’s a good day to make a blanket-fort/snow-fort/snow-angel or grab the toboggan.

And the Globe and Mail is wondering whether a baby drink is the next magic hangover cure? B.R.A.T. (Bananas, rice and applesauce tummy-soother) is apparently good for kids of all ages: “While parents give their children B.R.A.T. ‘Feel Better’ wellness drink when they have tummy problems, the ultra-hydrating, organic, gluten-free product is actually the best way to kill a New Year’s Day hangover,” according to the press release. We’ll stick with homefries for now. Uh, we mean, hangovers? Who gets hangovers?

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