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What we’re reading on the blogs today:

If the recent snowfall already has you counting down the days to a sunny March Break getaway, Windows-shop at Smudgetikka and browse through Paul Smith’s spring collection for kids. (We wonder if the striped red cardigan comes in big-kid sizes..)

Or, if you’re delighted at these first snowfalls of the season, take a few minutes to craft some paper snowflakes to hang on a tree or window. Babyccino Kids can give you a quick instructional reminder. We also really like this window-snowstorm from CraftStylish. (We’re loving these early snowfalls, aside from the extra time needed to get kids into snowpants and boots before school.)

Looks like Pirouette is also into experience gifts! What clever people  they are! They’ve found these artsy, inspiring Seedling kits, which show kids how to make a kaleidoscope or make a superhero cape.

Here at Bunchland, we like cakes. (So much so, we’ve giving our 1000th Facebook fan a cake) Obviously we liked these cake prints from party planner Jordan Ferney and her artist husband Paul. If we had an entire room at the Bunchland HQ dedicated to afternoon tea, it’d surely be adorned with nothing but cake prints.


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