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Seriously, what’s sweeter than a dad expressing love for his family? Because we were so thrilled with the love letters we got last Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we’ve once again asked some culturatti dads to chime in on what makes their partners great.

We’re big GeekDad fans. These dads (and now moms) are all about sharing their love of comic books, Star Wars, technology and science with their kids. We asked GeekDad contributor Jonathan Liu what makes his wife special:

To the love of my life:
I am a very lucky man: I have a wonderful wife, two amazing daughters, and the best job in the world which I owe to the three lovely ladies in my life. I’m a stay-at-home dad and a house-husband and a blogger. It means I get to stay at home in my T-shirt and blue jeans, take care of my kids, and then write about it. My job involves playing board games and reading stories (and occasionally, going on fun trips). Of course, it also involves the more mundane: buying groceries and doing laundry and washing dishes and keeping track of the family schedule—but these have turned out to be things that I love doing for you (and things you love having done for you).
Nearly every night when we sit down at the dinner table and share what we’re grateful for, our younger daughter says she’s thankful “that Mommy’s home,” even if you’ve been home all day. You know what? I’m thankful for that, too. I’m proud of you for being a family doctor, for doing your best to help your patients and working to fix what’s broken. But I also love hearing the door open at the end of the day when you come home and—truth be told—I have to try hard not to jump up and pounce the way the kids do.
I love your passion for helping others be healthy—both as individuals and as a community. I love the way you immerse yourself in your interests, whether it’s a book or a TV show or making bread. I love reading you bedtime stories until you fall asleep, and I love hearing you read our old favorites to our daughters. I love that you love books as much as I do and don’t mind our ever-expanding library. I love the fact that sixteen years ago you didn’t mind that I was clumsy and awkward and used Tetris as an excuse to come over for a visit. I love that even now, after twelve years of marriage, we can still be silly and laugh together and share little secret codes. I love that I always need to buy more tissues. I love that we make each other possible, that we make a great team, and that we believe in each other
I know that I don’t always express my love for you in the right language—you’ve always been better with words and with gifts, and my affection for you is in my actions. So on this Valentine’s Day I wanted to put my love into words, to tell you that after sixteen years with you you’re still my sweetheart and I’m still crazy for you.
Oh, and also I bought you a present.
Photo via Jonathan Liu
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