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What we’re reading on the blogs today:

If you want a boost in making Santa more believable, download this Elf Cam app for iphone/itouch. If you point your phone towards the North Pole, you can hear what’s going on in Santa’s workshop! And you can capture Santa in night-vision. No wonder this app is so cool, it was made by elves. (via BoingBoing)

If you’ve been humming Tchaikovsky in the recent weeks and days, you might be interested in this brief history of nutcrackers on Slate. Here’s an excerpt:

The dolls symbolize good luck in German tradition—one popular origin myth, related by Rittenhouse, holds that a wealthy but lonely farmer who found the process of cracking nuts to be detrimental to his productivity (efficiency even pervades German folklore!) offered a reward to whoever could come up with the best solution. Each villager drew on his own professional expertise—a carpenter advocating sawing them open, a soldier shooting the suckers. But it was the puppetmaker—a profession that seems to loom large in European tall tales—who won the day, building a strong-jawed, lever-mouthed doll.

And something to melt your heart on this cold day: Sid Ceasar, a photographer and big Muppets fan (who isn’t?) bought custom muppets that resemble he and his now-wife in order to make this little movie and propose to her. Full story here via GeekDad.

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