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You might laugh or cry, but is there anything REALLY better than Cats?

Cats Playbook on Piano

As someone who prides herself on not just following trends for the sake of popularity but rather appreciating quality content (whatever that might be), it’s sometimes awkward when something that might seem exactly the opposite of that finds its way into the ‘I Like’ folder in my brain. Or even possibly the ‘I Love’ folder.

And when I say that it’s exactly the opposite, what I really mean is that those who consider themselves cultured or knowledgeable or maybe even mainstream, would possibly consider some of my ‘I Loves’ to be rather, well, questionable.

Case in point: Pee Wee Herman. I love Pee Wee. My kids love Pee Wee. Only a small population (with a great sense of humour) get Pee Wee. Go here for more on that.

But today, despite the fact that I said I would never, ever move again (I say that after every move, which is approximately every three years), I found myself packing up some things for this next move. And what did I discover but my copy of Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. I know, you’re thinking “what’s questionable about that?” Nothing, says I. I love that book and every delicious feline character in it.

What I also love is — brace yourselves — the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on that book: CATS. Like, really love it. I’ve seen it several times and have taken my daughter a few years back. I will take the boys when it comes around again and they are ready for the awesomeness of Mr. Mistoffelees or the antics of Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer. The wise Old Deuteronomy, or the sexiness of that crazy Rum Tum Tugger. Is it wrong to call a cat sexy?

In any event, the music of that show, and the poetry of T.S. Eliot have popped up a lot in our home over the years. We’ve read it, sang it, danced to it, acted it out, forced the cat to act it out…

You know, really embraced it at many levels.

I know I could say that we have crafted a post-modern interpretive installation in our backyard that uses only marshmallows and glow sticks, because that might sound a little edgier. Hmmm…that might actually be kind of interesting.

But you know what? I’m OK with liking the play and the music and the book just as they are, with all the schmaltz, the glossy melodies, the gorgeous dancers (ahem)… And the really fantastic poetry that we fell for because we love cats and understand their personalities. Well, we think we do.

My name is Cynthia and I like CATS. And my kids do, too.

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Cynthia Kinnunen is a mom of three wonderfully quirky little people who love music, old and new-school adventures and acting as silly as possible at all times. She’s also a freelance writer who blogs for fun at Crumbs in the Minivan and Maple Mixtape.

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