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What the cool parents are reading today:

1. Looking for a birthday party idea for your kid this summer? Here’s one new option: gun themed. One Texas gun range is targeting kids as young as 8 for birthday parties. How, um, original?

2. Thousands of Detroit kids got a lesson in entrepreneurship at Lemonade Day. Students learned about credit, debt, return on investment and creative marketing. Now that’s business kids can wrap their heads around.

3. A new study that says kids from same-sex couples “turn out worse” than kids from straight couples has ignited a firestorm of opinion. The New York Times raises a good point: the study focuses on subjects who came of age when homosexuality was still marginalized. “The majority were born to male-female couples in which one partner later came out as gay (adding an extra layer of complexity and heartbreak), rather than being planned via adoption, sperm donation or in vitro fertilization.”

4. Drop whatever you’re doing: Kanye West has announced he “can’t wait to have kids with Kim Kardashian”. We can’t deny those would be some good looking babies.

5. A table full of broken stuff gets a magical mending treatment.

Photo by randy.andrews via Flickr. 

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