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Clean-up crews sprang into action on the I-79 in West Virginia’s Harrison County Sunday to recover an enormous Lego spill. The troubling loss of an 11-year-old boy’s entire Lego collection being transported inside plastic totes strapped to the family’s Durango, closed an entire lane of the highway and snarled traffic for hours.

Lego bricks pose considerable hazards to stockinged feet and vehicle tires alike. The surprise high-velocity cargo loss from the roof of a fast-moving Durango, combined with the inclement snowy and windy weather conditions at the time of the spill, would have produced perilous driving conditions as temperatures dipped below freezing. The speedy response of the Anmoore, West Virginia volunteer firefighters is to be commended.

The mother and alleged faulty-securer of the storage totes holding the Lego load, one Tiffany Lantz, made a public apology via Facebook after an Anmoore volunteer first responder posted the photos. It is believed that the family arrived at a fortuitous resolution to their extensive Lego loss.



Hat tip to Marnie Eves and Kurt Stafki for sharing updates on this story as they became available. Breaking news + culture Lego-related posts can be accessed here.


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