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LegoLand. Lego Hotel. Lego school – it’s the next logical thing, right?

The first ever Lego school is set to open in Billund, Denmark this August. Thanks to Lego’s billionaire owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen – who wants the school to help his community in rural Jutland become the Capital of Children –  it will become an international hotspot for children’s play and learning.

The International School of Billund encourages inquiry-based learning with a curriculum that combines the international baccalaureate, the Danish school system and a whole lot of creativity and play. (If you’re interested, half of the school’s intake is open to foreign students and the school will start to accept its first students, aged three to seven years old, this August.)

Kristiansen is the richest man in the country, but he continues to live in Billund where, according to The Guardian, he has worked with local council to build a church, community facilities, a library and a theatre. He also funded the country’s second largest airport just outside of town.

Meanwhile, the school plans to create bike paths, a hexagonal music studio and, of course, a “Lego Lab” where there will always be enough Lego pieces to go around. Is it too late for me to go back to school?

 source: The Guardian

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