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So you have 6,000, 7,000-odd pieces of Lego – what do you do? For someone identified as Lego Mindstorms user hknssn13 – the thing to do is build a paper airplane making machine. Because why not, right? Other than the Lego, the builder added some other doohickeys to the device, as per Ubergizmo:

The LEGO machine … uses 2 NXT micro controller bricks, 5 servos, 10 DC motors, pneumatics, infrared, and additional sensors as well as very steady fingers to complete the machine. 

legophoto via CNET

To make a paper airplane, the machine automatically grabs a piece of paper, and pulls it through several folding movements. At the end of the machine, the airplane shoots out of  a mini launch pad.

It looks like it may have taken hknssn13 a while to perfect his machine, because you can see an earlier version of the device here, and if you can’t get enough of our Lego stories, you can see more of them here.

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