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The world of overly-gendered toys may be changing, one female scientist mini-figure at a time.  Maybe. Lego, whose spurts of sexism and over-the-top girly mini-figures have caught the attention of everyone from empowered seven-year-olds to inventive parents to talented DIY-ers might just return to its more liberated roots.

A user on the online Lego enthusiast community CUUSO is getting attention from Lego HQ after creating a female scientist mini-figure. Alatariel’s paleontologist mini-figure has received enough online approval that the company will now be reviewing the set — and considering it for production.

It goes beyond saying that this is great news. What kid doesn’t dream of becoming a paleontologist, right? We hope paleontologist mini-fig will hit the shelves, pronto.

It’s also heartening to remember that Lego debuted a woman scientist as part of its Minifigures Series 11 collection this past September:

lego minifigure woman scientist


… though we must point out that the other ‘female’ figures in that same collection include a pink (of course) Lady Robot, a dirndl-wearing Pretzel Girl and 1950s throwback Diner Waitress — while ‘male’ figures include a Mountain Climber and Police Constable. And um, yeah: a questionable looking ‘Barbarian’ and ‘Warrior‘ (WTF Lego?).

Please come back Lego — we miss you.

source: Jezebel

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