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Mike Doyle is a LEGO master craftsman, and, absolutely an amazing artist. He has also launched a quickly successful KickStarter campaign to fund ambitious LEGO projects, inspired by artist and pastor Howard Storm – best known for his book, My Descent into Death, about his near death experience, and Dr. Steven Greer  of The Disclosure Project – dedicated to exposing facts about UFOs. Now, if  you’re starting to get confused about where this post is going, as per Mashable:

Even if the words explaining the project confuse you, appreciating the massive scale and workmanship should be easy. The impressive work rises nearly five feet high and measures six feet wide



On KickStarter, Doyle describes his project, CONTACT 1, the first in his series, as:

 Massive LEGO builds celebrating spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds. First work: 200,000 LEGO pieces, 600+ hours.

Doyle offers Kickstarter backers the chance to do their own ambitious LEGO projects by providing, among other things, downloadable assembly instructions of various buildings within the structure. And backers are paying attention. Within days of launching, Doyle has raised $6,777 of his $1000 goal. And while, we agree, Doyle’s words confuse us also, watching his beautiful Kickstarter video shows the detail of his work, which is simply stunning, and definitely need to know LEGO news.

 As reported in Mashable


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