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Sticking to our philosophy that there can never, ever be too many Lego stories, we thought we’d bring you this one: according to a report in BloombergLego has now become the world’s most valuable toymaker.

It seems more and more people are liking the Lego. Last year, revenue at the Danish company went up 25 percent – an increase which created three new billionaires in the toy company’s home country of Denmark.

The three adult children of Lego’s owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (who Forbes says alone is worth $7.2 billion) have now joined daddy in the billionaire’s club – thanks to owning a total of 37 percent of shares in a company that’s worth $14.6 billion. (If you’re curious, Mattel used to be the world’s top toymaker, and that company is valued at a mere $14.4 billion).

Here are some facts about the world’s most valuable toyseller, as per Bloomberg:

  • Lego was founded in 1932 – its name is based on the Danish words “leg godt” – which means “play well”
  • Last year the toy manufacturer made 45.7 billion bricks
  • 25 percent of the company is held by the Lego Foundation, a children’s charity which aims to make the toy as “accessible and applicable for children around the world regardless of social status.”


As Gerrick Johnson, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets in New York told Bloomberg:

Lego is on fire.  

Yes, indeed.

– As reported in the Business Insider

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