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In an update to the story we brought you last week about the sexist Lego sticker, we are happy to report that the company has properly apologized for its depiction of a construction worker engaging in street harassment.

Josh Stearns, the journalist and a father of two who originally stirred things up by posting a picture of the sexist sticker on his Tumblr site asked LEGO to explain themselves after being shocked to find the stickers at his local toy store.

LEGO responded with a statement that basically said, “can’t you take a joke?”

(In fairness, the email from Charlotte Simonsen, Senior Director at LEGO’s corporate communications office in Denmark stated this: “To communicate the LEGO experience to children we typically use humor and we are sorry that you were unhappy with the way a minifigure was portrayed here.”)

Not pleased, Stearns wrote LEGO back, asking how such a sexist sticker could make it through LEGO’s approval process in the first place. This time his email was forwarded to the head of LEGO Group’s Outbound Licensing Department, Andrea Ryder, who wrote:

I am truly sorry that you had a negative experience with one of our products […] the product is no longer available and we would not approve such a product again.

Stearns writes that he sees this last response from LEGO as a real win. And we agree, it’s a win, it never should have happened in the first place, but it’s a win.

sources: ABC News + Talking To Strangers Tumblr

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