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Gizmodo just posted a video by Vimeo user ‘properniceinnit’ of people from different countries around the world speaking in the language of animals.

We usually take these animal sounds for granted, they are so integrated into daily life. In commercials cows say moo, roosters cock-a-doodle-doo and ducks quack. Our animal toys make the same noises as every TV show and cartoon. Our books, songs and games all reinforce the notion that animals have their own language — and that it’s the same for every horse, pig and goose. Not so, fool.

I remember laughing my ass off a few years ago when David Sedaris came out with “Me Talk Pretty One Day and wrote an entire essay on how French and Italian animals make different sounds than American ones. But it isn’t just the French. Check out the video:

And please confirm, is the Canadian woman in this video is speaking Quebecois? I feel so disoriented.

The Language of Animals: A goose is squawking


source: Gizmodo

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