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What the cool parents are reading about today:

1. You know the Slow Food movement? Author and mom Susan Sachs Lipman applies that philosophy to parenting in her newly released book Fed Up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World. Instead of advocating for long, leisurely meals, she urges families to try leisurely schedules. Eager for a taste? Or would trying to follow a guidebook would stress you out even more?

2. The latest in diaper developments: 2,500 moms in Brooklyn and other Orthodox Jewish communities are all over these kosher velco diapers. They’re designed for observant Jews during the Sabbath when opening disposable diapers with adhesive fasteners is considered “work,” which is forbidden. Is there any problem velcro can’t solve?

3. In case you don’t watch enough Nickelodeon already, Nick Jr. is launching a new block of programming for moms come Oct. 1. The lineup includes: sketch comedy show Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, stand-up show NickMom Night Out, What Was Carol Brady Thinking? a pop up video style version of The Brady Bunch, and reality show MFF: Mom Friends Forever. Will you tune in after the kids go to bed?

4. It’s official – rapping about parenting is a trend. Keep ’em coming, we say.

5. As much as we love rhymes about making grilled cheese and changing diapers, kid rappers win our hearts pretty much every time. This crew from Minnesota went viral with their tribute to Hot Cheetos and Takis, with some help from the YMCA Beats And Rhymes after-school program.

Photo by speshulted via Flickr. 

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