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Do you know Yerin?

She’s an insanely cute and cheerful toddler whose dad Kwanyoung Park posts regular video updates to youtube and to the family blog, and we’re just warning you: you are about to fall in love. Jezebel posted this clip of the Korean toddler skyping with Papa last night.

Her parents also call her by the nickname “Bobae,” which means “treasure” in Korean. So her YouTube channel is “Bobaepapa,” because well, doting Papa.

She’s been on CNN and there are several Tumblrs devoted to her.


Korean Toddler Skyping with Dad is actually toddler internet sensation Yerin Park

Everything she does is awesome.
Yerin Park

In addition to the family blog, she has an English-language website, which is probably still down since Jezebel posted this video last night and everyone’s ovaries are bursting.

Here she is as a six-month-old, adorably excited to see her parents but sooo sleepy.

Here she is as a toddler, being chased around the apartment by Papa until she decides he don’t scare her none.

Here she is, having memorized her Olivia book, NBD.

Here she is as a big girl, encouraging her baby sister to crawl.

Keep up to date with the adventures of Yerin here.

source: Jezebel, Daily Dot

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