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What we’re reading today: did jessica simpson gain too much weight in her pregancy?

1. Know that super pregnant celebrity who’s been pretty heavily criticized for gaining a substantial amount of weight during her pregnancy? Is that normal and she’s just being criticized because it’s an atypical celebrity pregnancy, or should women not put on that much weight?

2. Speaking of weight perceptions, preschoolers think that overweight kids are mean. Looking at Harry Potter bullies Crabbe and Goyle, do kids get these ideas from TV and movies, or do writers get these ideas from kids?

3. Kids are dying after being prescribed codeine post-surgery. What’s going on?

4. What do you do when you’re a big bookworm and your kid just couldn’t care less about reading?

5. We really do hope everything works out for Courtney Love, but what’s with this feud with the Muppets? And attacking genius Jason Segel? Here’s what set her off:

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Photo by 1035 WEZL via Flickr

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