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Canadian indie rock darlings Amy Millan and Evan Cranley have publicly flipped the script on rockstar parenting.

If you saw “The Other F-Word,” the excellent documentary on punk rock dads, then you already know that those dads are touring constantly to keep a roof over their heads; they may be covered in tatts and sweet as pie but they spend as much time on business trips as your average high-powered exec. It means they might miss a lot of the moments that make parenting awesome.

“Kisses for BEST dad!” – @amymillanforreal on instagram

Amy and Evan are in the Montreal group Stars and Toronto houseparty jam Broken Social Scene; Amy has released two records of her own and Evan is one of two main composers of Stars. Conventional wisdom would have them leave their beautiful daughter Delphine at home while they hit the road to rock out, but they have made the commitment to bring her along.

Evan wrote about a typical day on tour as a family for the Huffington Post; Amy was interviewed for Chatelaine on the same topic. They are both lovely tributes to the art of unconventional parenting — of choosing to be artist-parents, rather than artists and parents.

Delphine is usually asleep by the time her mom and dad hit the stage with Stars, but she managed to make her stage debut one afternoon last month at Field Trip, a festival celebrating 10 years of label Arts & Crafts. Here she is during the Jason Collett song, “I’ll Bring the Sun” —  a kid-friendly rocker if there ever was one.

I’m calling the 2031 Polaris for Delphine. Sorry, Viva Wainwright Cohen. Sorry, Baby Arcade Fire. 

Maybe the next year.

Aleta Fera is a teacher and mom who has more enthusiasm than sense. Follow her on Twitter @rocketbride.

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