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What the cool parents are reading today:

1. Here’s a seldom heard take on the kids on leashes debate: leashes can be conducive to a too-relaxed parenting attitude that could actually land a kid in more danger. “Parents can use it as a false security, thinking that, ‘Okay, my child is attached to me, maybe I don’t have to watch them as much as I do,” says one mom.

2. A third Sesame Street movie is in the works! The first film (1985) saw Big bird in the limelight, the second film in (1999) focused on Elmo. Now which plush character will get a chance is it to shine? We have our money on Bert and Ernie …

3. We’re all for sleepover camp, but should you send your kid off when you still help them brush their teeth before bed? How young is too young to reap the rewards?

4. A new theme park in Mexico is thinking outside the funnel cake and coaster combo: activities are centered around sampling different types of careers. “Once in the park, kids choose from among 120 different trades and professions that it takes to run a city. It’s the ultimate role-playing experience for kids ages four to 14.” Kind of like a next-level Game of Life!

5. You ride a dinosaur that eats eggs, mushrooms sprout from bricks in the sky, and turtles throw hammers at you. Here’s why the classic Nintendo game is a surrealist masterpiece.

Photo by antisocialtory via Flickr. 

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