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What the cool parents are reading about today:

1. Did you know that in the last decade, the number of men who have left work to stay at home with their kids has more than doubled? Today, the “Leave it to Beaver” family structure is quickly dissipating as Dads increasingly do their own thing – and it’s totally cool. “Being a stay-at-home dad feels like a form of rebellion, like living off the macho grid and showing people that you are not tied to your father’s notion of what men should do on weekdays.”

2. Last week, eBay announced it was considering allowing kids to start up an account. Currently, users have to self declare they are over 18. Does the thought of unleashing your kid into the online shopping world make you cringe? Or do you think this an exciting new opportunity for kid entrepreneurs?

3. New in reality TV: 10 Kids, 2 Dads is a new series about a same sex couple just outside Detroit who adopted 10 sons from at-risk backgrounds. Wow. Where will they put the camera crew?

4. If you want your kid to fall in love with the great outdoors, give them your digital camera the next time you head to the park. A recent study shows that digital cameras are capable of influencing connectedness to nature in children.  “Technonaturalists are a growing segment of our goal-oriented society, and digital cameras serve as inducements to get outside in much the same way fishing gear has for many.”

5. A mission to save the president, featuring emoticons, Carly Rae Jepson, and an adorable uncle and nephew team.

Photo by ap via Flickr. 

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